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Martin Wong
Founding Chef

Armed with a Diploma of Culinary background, the then mint-conditioned Martin took his dreams of becoming “someone” in the industry straight to the ever-challenging kitchens of major hotels in Singapore. Year 1998 , at only age 17 , with nothing BUT all the guts & determination in his game, the hospitality industry welcomed a combatant.

As plots unfold, the hero of every story cannot escape the series of fated hardships in order to win hearts & gain foothold in their battlefields. The kitchen, as hierarchical as it can be, is a sacred space yet a war zone which demands a tremendous amount of discipline, respect & utmost perseverance in order to emerge an elite.

Martin started off at the lowest of the food chain as a trainee cook, being thrown into the deep waters whereby he fought to keep himself afloat & sane while picking up useful life skills in which he made welded mental notes of.

Being humble & respectful was what gave Martin his 1st big break. He ran a dynamical esteemed kitchen alongside Chef Fernand Mischler of 2 Star Michelin Auberge du Cheval Blanc during the Crystal Mirror Promotional Tour in 2007, which further catalysed his wants to soar.

Martin took his craft to the next level by intentionally honing his skills within the ironclad doors of the 2 Star Michelin celebrity restaurant - L’Aterlier de Joel Robuchon, being trained directly under the belts of the Starred celebrity chefs for close to 2 years.

With a mission in mind, Martin took to Sweden to seek out the final key to unlock his dreams. This decision kept him busy in Frantzén's kitchen for 2 whole months before he returned home brimming with inspirations & knowledge.

Martin now performs his “Walk of the World” at Mythz & Myths - a restaurant birthed together with like-minded individuals, featuring ingenious usage of Scandinavian ingredients incorporated with Asian essence and topped with an unusual guest - French elements; into an intricately rare Nordic menu.

“My food will be the culmination of every element in the restaurant, from the carefully selected ingredients to the structure in each dish, the china & the customer experience - all weaved into a definitive culinary finesse bringing forth myriads of tantalizing joys to even the most notorious taste buds” - Martin Wong, Founding Chef of Mythz & Myths

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8 course dinner without wine pairing

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